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20 | 05 | 2019
SAFOODS S.A. - Vitacura 9990 Of. 403 Vitacura – Santiago – Chile Phone : 56 2 2120542

Expected results

Safoods helps improve the profitability of your business by buying directly from the producer. Also, fulfilling all the goals of your purchase programs in terms of prices, terms, amounts and quality standards, along with selecting the most appropriate producer.

In addition you can improve control of your operations to be represented directly on the origin of purchase; optimize the reaction to changes in demand, and improve your portfolio of products. We provide fully updated information on available products and shorten the time spent on the purchase in Chile, enabling you to give more attention to other important activities.

1. To increase the profitability of your business resulting from direct purchases to growers.

2. To make possible the accomplishment of the goals of your annual purchase programs in relation to prices, delivery terms, amounts and quality.

3. To improve the selection of your growers, thanks to our knowledge of who is who in the Chilean industry, company size, who are the owners, commercial record, whether they are traders or growers, their capability to promptly respond to your company demands, etc.

4. To improve the capacity to react against demand changes with a better control by your company of all supply operations, since you are directly represented in the place of origin of the purchase.

5. To lower the risk problems involved in the supply process, thanks to be permanently informed by us.

6. To improve your portfolio considering we will provide your company with updated information of products available.

7. To greatly reduce the time spent in purchases made in Chile, thus allowing paying more attention to other important company activities.