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20 | 05 | 2019
SAFOODS S.A. - Vitacura 9990 Of. 403 Vitacura – Santiago – Chile Phone : 56 2 2120542

About us

Our experience in international trade and, in particular, in problems involving world-wide supply and demand, has brought us to the conclusion that purchasers of foodstuffs in our area must be able to exercise greater control of the entire process and must enjoy more detailed information allowing them to react to rapidly changing market conditions. We feel, too, that they should be placed nearer –in terms of geography- to the sources of export.

Account must also be taken of recent important changes in the supply structure of producing firms. Buyers should have the means to follow, and adapt to, these changes. This is more easily achieved if there is direct contact with those firms in the local area, rather than relying on an importer in the country of destination.

SAFOOD takes both these factors into account. It acts as a commercial office, coordinating the purchase of foodstuffs for our clients over a wide geographical area. Our clients will no longer need to set up their own local offices, thus saving on expenses, which would otherwise be required to establish and maintain those offices. At the same time, they will retain the advantages of possessing a visible presence in the countries of origin.

We can thus help to increase profitability for our clients. We can offer new solutions, new products, on a long-term rather than a short-term basis, providing value-added suggestions. We aim to set a standard in solving problems, which your firm can encounter in the field of high-quality foodstuffs, in Chile and over the entire South America.