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20 | 05 | 2019
SAFOODS S.A. - Vitacura 9990 Of. 403 Vitacura – Santiago – Chile Phone : 56 2 2120542

Our services include:

1. Search and selection of suppliers: we locate, scrutinize and select them taking into account your standards, so to ensure the best and more advisable grower to fulfill your needs. We do not have any links with whatever grower in particular, thus being absolutely free to select the best ones.

2. Negotiation: we negotiate in order to obtain the best prices, terms of payment and prompt delivery.

3. Procedures: we assist in the whole process in order to expedite it, as well as in other matters such as purchase orders, pro-formas, invoices, letter of credit or wire transfers (TNT). We obtain the invoices and other documents needed by your company for importation.

4. Follow up and Inspection: We check that your order is being processed in time and in the terms and quality standards required, ensuring that the products are properly packed for their exportation.

5. Boarding: We coordinate the space reservation for shipment and boarding.

6. Meetings: We coordinate your visits and meetings with the growers.

7. Important Information: We obtain and provide faithful information on climate and other situations that may affect your purchases, such as, rain, hail storm, droughts, low temperatures, and fruit flies, among others.

8. Opportunities: We provide market information on the country and advise your companies on other activities of interest for your company, such as new products and new opportunities.

9. Contacts: We organize contacts, if necessary, with the Public Administration, lawyers, associations of exporters and traders.